Chris Colfer’s book to now be released July 17th! 
Cutest picture of life!!! <3 :*
cutie pies! Love their friendship <3 
Glee <3
Blaine- spins…..Kurt- “Cute!”

Klaine at it’s best <3

I am still speechless about Glee. I can’t even explain how many emotions it brought out in me. I started crying out of love for Kurt when he stood up for Rory. He is my favorite character for so many reasons, but the number one reason I love him is because of his sympathetic and kind heart. Let’s just say if he was running for president in my school I would protest if he didn’t win. If I ever get the pleasure of meeting Chris Colfer, I will tell him what an incredible actor he is and how he’s brought so much to his character to the extent that I can honestly say that Kurt has made an impact on my life. If I hear any negativity towards him because of his sexuality I will lose it.